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Exploring "New" Technology - March 1, 2008


Since Andy left for Afghanistan, I've been exploring some services on the internet that are new to me as an "older" person.  I've been using my accounts on MySpace and Facebook for a few months now, and it's interesting to see some of the new possibilities there.  It's become a good way to keep in touch with some of the exchange students who are currently out in other countries, and a way to prepare students who are getting ready to go out next year. 


I remember being amazed by the possibilities of email for communicating with family and friends about 10 years ago, and I'm experiencing the same feelings again about some of these social networking sites.  Now I'm seeing not only what they are writing to me, but also what they and their friends are writing to each other. 


I'm starting to question myself about what I should use for photos and blogging.  When I updated my photo album tonight with some of Matheus' new pictures, I realized how much flexibility some of the commercial services have developed for titles and tagging, and informing "my world" that I have new pictures.  It's all a lot easier than doing it myself in html or even in a web development package.  On the other hand, it's easier for me to keep organized if I have everything in one place.  Stay tuned! 


I read a couple good books while I was on vacation in Florida.  The first was "Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation" by Parker J. Palmer.  I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and this book discussed how to reflect on our own values as well as past successes and failures, in traveling through our mission in life.  What is my calling at this point in my life?  What combination of jobs and housing is going to give me the flexibility to do the community service that is important to me as well as the opportunity for travel that I have come to love? 


The second book was "Blog Wild" by Andy Wibbles.  It gave me some ideas for spicing up my website and blog, with some potential for income.  It also got me thinking about some other possibilities that I hadn't really thought about before.  My newspaper is encouraging our young employees to blog.  However, my generation has always been at the forefront of change, and maybe there are some real possibilities as we start creating our own ideas for retirement.  What kind of opportunities are waiting out there for "young" seniors? 





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