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I'm blogging again - August 6, 2007


Welcome!  I'm slowly getting my web site back together after changing servers a few weeks ago.  I've decided to start up my weblog again after a two year absence to motivate myself to keep exploring and sharing all the great people and places I encounter. 


I sold my little house, so I'm back down to just one house and should have more time on my hands again.  At the moment, I'm still working a lot to try to recover from holding two houses for a year.  I guess I'm staying in my original house for at least another year until the real estate market improves here, but I'd still like to downsize in Duluth and buy an apartment in Goiania.  The development I want is called Mirante do Vale in Parque Amazonia, and was designed by Lenora's sisters.  Take a look:  Mirante do Vale.  The link is a Powerpoint presentation that should open itself, but you have to press the Enter key to advance each page.  If you're interested in an apartment for yourself, let me know and I'll put you in touch with someone who can work with you. 


In other news, I'm taking another AFS exchange student for the coming year.  Matheus is arriving from Brasil on Saturday.  He's from Sorocaba in the State of Sao Paulo.  Before I even take him home, we're heading down to Chicago for the Sullivan Sisters Picnic, an annual reunion of my mom and her sisters and all their families. 


I'm still working three jobs, but they are all part-time and flexible, giving me time to travel and work with exchange students.  I'm working for the US Census Bureau one week each month, during the week that includes the 19th of the month.  I'm also doing a data conversion project for the St Louis County Assessor and a business and attractions directory for the Duluth News Tribune's revitalized site. 




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