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It's Snowing! - November 9, 2007


Here's a photo of Matheus' first snow!  It's still pretty warm and this will probably melt by the end of the day, but it's a good start.  Leo, I know I haven't had much time to talk to you, but I have ordered a very snowy Christmas for you.  Matheus is going to his first football game tonight - Duluth East is in the quarter-finals.  I'm making him wear a heavy coat and boots, but I told him that most of the kids will be wearing tennis shoes and light clothing to maintain their "coolness." 


I worked on the election team at the Duluth News Tribune last week.  It's fun to see them displaying geographic information related to the elections, and even more fun that our readers really appreciate it!  Starting next week, I'm going to be working a couple hours a day at midnight moving content from the editorial system to the web site.  It's a perfect assignment for me because I'm a late night person, and I'm usually watching for "new news" at that time anyway.  Check it out at


I'm getting more of my web site back in shape.  I have most of the Professional section back up and running.  I'm buying a cable that will let me turn the old hard drive from my Alienware computer into an external drive for my desktop.  It will be a great backup system and will allow me to recover all the photos and music that I lost during the crash. 


I talked to Andy this morning, and he's doing fine.  He's working about 13 hours a day, and tells me that the US Army is doing a lot of good humanitarian things in Afghanistan.  He's also convinced me to modernize myself, so I have just signed up for accounts at Facebook and MySpace.  I've been on Orkut (which is mainly used by my friends in Brasil) for a couple years.  If you participate in any of these services, add me as a friend and maybe I'll figure out how to use them! 


As I've been getting everything set up again on my desktop computer, I've learned about some interesting software.  I have switched to OpenOffice applications for my word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.  This is open source software that works on different operating systems, available free of charge by download.  The organization welcomes donations of money, as well as user collaboration in testing, improving, and documenting the software. I have found that it provides seamless conversion with Microsoft and Corel files at a fraction of the cost of upgrading to newer versions of those products. 


I got rid of Norton on my laptop when I was in Brasil because I found it leaving a back door open when I upgraded, allowing viruses to infect the computer.  Now that I'm back to my desktop, I have switched to a free product called AVG, that has some of the best reviews in the industry.  I'm moving to a photo manipulation package called GIMP, another open source program. 


At the end of his exchange year, when Daniel had only $35 to finish out the year, he convinced me that he could be much more creative in finding interesting things to do in Duluth when he didn't have any money.  I think I'm finding the same thing now with hardware and software.  I still need to find a replacement for FrontPage, because this old version is making me crazy.  I'd love to buy Dreamweaver, but it's not on my priority list at the moment.  I'm exploring some alternatives, but I'm not going back to native html code - I've gotten too spoiled with wysiwyg!  Who knows, maybe I'll even build my new laptop instead of buying one. 





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